3D CG.

Modern Chair

This is first model which was created by 3DsMax. I referred a tutorial video online and it told me a basic flow of modelling of 3DsMax. I recommend the tutorial for the first step.

Tips used:

  • Paint Deformation
  • Mental Ray

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Gallery Promotion Video

Luckily, I got offer from Fine Artist Ki Seulki to create her promotion video for her exhibition which simulates the gallery. This work was urgent for her, even though I hadn’t had any experience to create animation in 3Ds Max. I learnt them briefly and created in 2 days. In detail, the quality was not so good but I experienced animation and lighting skills. The video will be uploaded on YouTube soon.

Tips used:

  • Key frame animation
  • Mental Ray

Incoming Sun Light

Through the previous work, I realized that lighting in the scene is very important to simulate real scene. This work was also created following a tutorial. At the same time, I leant basics of interior modelling from this tutorial as well as Final Gather, Global Illumination and Exposure control.

Tips used:

  • Architecture Presets
  • Mental Ray
  • Global Illumination
  • Final Gather
  • Exposure Control

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Ocean Expression

In this work, I tried to simulate water. I referred some books and this wasn’t so hard. Waves were represented by bump mapping with noise and Mental Ray sun light automatically simulated water reflection. These spheres were located to check water reflection of objects

Tips used:

  • Bump Mapping
  • Mental Ray
  • MR Sun Light

Cafe (Inside)

What I attempted in this work was an expression of depth of field. This technique allows to simulate more realistic effects. On this picture the focus is on the second cup from front and the focus is blurred outside of focal length. The background is just a blurred picture. The lighting is little bit strange, anyway.

Tips used:

  • DoF by Mental Ray
  • Mental Ray
  • MR Sun Light

Cafe (Outside)

This is used same models as previous work but I fixed lighting and changed background texture. The small changes made so much different atmosphere. Interesting.

Tips used:

  • DoF by Mental Ray
  • Mental Ray
  • MR Sun Light


A special effect that I employ in this work is motion blur. It is hard to see in the real world but often can be seen in photographs. This was quite important skill for photorealistic rendering. I also employed Mental Ray renderer instead of scan line renderer in order to make realistic result. Scan line renderer simulates motion blur rendering and combining few frames but Mental Ray renderer firstly simulates the blur before rendering. This method needs much more computation but result is obviously good.

Tips used:

  • Motion Blur by Mental Ray


I used Cloth Modifier first time in this work. This modifier simulates cloth material automatically and I used it for the bed cover. The pillows and undercover were just used paint deformation. It looks not so real, doesn’t it? Actually if I divided the cover with high number of meshes, it is possible to produce more real but my laptop might explode.

Tips used:

  • Cloth Modifier
  • Paint Deformation

Bokeh Effect

This was first experience to use particle effect. This is also necessary tips for basic simulation of 3D CG but that was so complicated to set up and understand any parameters. I just followed online tutorial to create this work. I need more study.

Tips used:

  • Particle
  • 3D Text
  • Depth of Field

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2D Design.

2D works are goning to be uploaded here shortly.
Please visit later.

Web Design.

Seulki Ki

This is my first work for web site development. Fine artist, Seulki Ki, asked me to create her official web site to show her works. Even though she needed really simple design, I leant more than basics of web design and development from this project. Actually I had never touched CSS and Java Script until this project. This was good first step for me.

Visit her site→

Sample Web 01 Sample Web 02
Daewoong Kim

This web site is also for artist, Daewoong Kim, who is currently studying in Royal College of Art. He also needed really simple design but it was totally different frameworks from Seulki’s one. From this project, I became well to use CSS to design site.

Visit his site→

Sample Web 01 Sample Web 02

What you want is what I should learn.
If you want or need to have own web site, please ask me for rates and availability. Any type of site is fine. We can discuss.


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Master of Science, University College London, UK
Major. Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging
Topic. Automatic Navigation of Virtual Character by Attention Model in Second Life
Bachelor of Media Information, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Major. Media Information
Topic. Body Motion Analysis for Similarity Retrieval System of Motion Data and its Evaluation

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